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- all about the wiz art of flow in DJ-ing and in music architecture of professional spaces -

Our Services

This is a project  focusing on music services and consulting. With passion and professionalism in what we do together with confidence which derives from years of experience in DJ-ing as well as in the Radio Industry (playlist curation, production, radio shows hosting etc.) we offer and provide these services as follows:


 Online Music Streaming Services

We design, curate and maintain the music architecture and decoration of professional spaces and events based on their concept, audience and identity with customised playlists via online streaming.

This is a handcrafted work made by our experienced flowizards with emphasis on creating a smooth and cozy flow of music which can be connected harmonically with the energy and character of each venue.

The preparation, editing and music streaming is done in collaboration with by the use of the platform's tools and its interactive                             

Here are some of the potential spaces or events that Flowizart can provide online music streaming services:

Full Coverage


  1. Bars / Shops / Restaurants / Companies etc.

  2. Festivals (Music Coverage Of Open Areas Like Restaurants, Markets etc.)

Partial Coverage


  1. Bars / Shops / Companies etc

  2. Private Events (Corporate Events, Exhibitions, Cocktail Parties, Opening Parties etc.)

  3. Ceremony Events (Wedddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays etc.)

flowizart dj services

DJ Services

The DJ services are divided in two sections:

  • DJ Bookings

Provision and management of booking requests for various events like Parties, Festivals, Weddings, Ceremonies, Cocktail Parties, Corporate Events etc.

The music styles which are supported and offered for bookings include:



Lounge, Chill Out, World, Speakeasy etc.                              



Organic Techno, Organic House, Folktronica etc.



Funk, Jazz, Soul, Trip Hop, Rock n Roll, Electronica, Disco, 80's - 90s and more.



  • DJ Tutorials


Offer of tutorials about the basics and the philosophy of mixing like proper build up, smooth transitons etc. in person or via online streaming.

The tutorials are designed and  provided by                                

flowizart consulting services

Consulting Services

All about consulting and advising for music matters of events, parties and festivals like logistics and line ups as well as for radio stations' structure and design.

Contact Us

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Our Partners

Some of the places you can experience our services

Nicosia CY
-DJ Services-

Nicosia CY
-DJ Services-

Nicosia CY
-DJ Servi

Nicosia CY
-DJ Services-

Nicosia CY

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